“Probate” is a term given for the granting of a right by the Supreme Court of New South Wales to a person who satisfies the Court that they are the executor appointed under a person’s last Will (subject to other requirements that the person must satisfy).

The granting of probate is a court recognition that they are the legal personal representative of the estate and thereby allows that person to legally deal with the assets of the estate (for example, making application to the Department of Lands Land and Property Information (Land Titles Office of New South Wales) for real property to be transferred to that person to hold on behalf of the estate).

Jason acts for executors who are, by virtue of the assets of an estate, required to make application to the Supreme Court of New South Wales for Probate.

Jason can also assist an executor with administration of an estate including arranging for real property to be transferred, bank accounts closed and liquidated, shares transferred, applications to superannuation funds for liquidation.

Jason’s advice is practical and personal and by appointing Jason as their solicitor and executor will be regularly updated with progress in obtaining probate and progress in administration.